"Project: Fund the Bruins"

BHS Fundraiser


 Please click here to read a letter from our fundraising chairs.


Dear Parents,

We live in a community that provides an outstanding public education for our children.

Each year there is a gap between Williamson County funding and what our principal and teachers believe our students need to succeed. Your donation to PROJECT: Fund the BRUINS provides support throughout the entire school and touch each student and teacher. 100% of your donation is tax deductible and will be used for your children’s education this school year.

With the money you contribute this year we will provide assistance to the band, athletics and student enrichment programs; maintain the BHS building and grounds; offer parent communication and provide hospitality and support to our hard working teachers and faculty. In addition, these funds will help with the purchase of technology needs for the school including Chromebooks for instructional use, ELMO projectors, and overhead projectors.

As our children near graduation, it’s more important than ever to “pay it forward”. Those who came before us helped build a strong school and the dollars we donate today will not only make a difference this school year but will impact students, property values and economic development in the years ahead.   A strong school is a basis for a strong community.



* Your PTO dollars at work *