Welcome SEnior Students and Parents


The purpose of Class Parents 2024 is to serve as an avenue for communication between the PTO, the Academics & Fine Arts Committee, the school counselors, the administration, the Student Government, and BHS students and parents. Each grade level has a committee of parent representatives that remain with the class all four years.  Be on the lookout for emails from BHSPOGS2024@gmail.com



Contact one of the Class Parent Leaders below to complete the Class of 2024 Senior Celebration Form and make your payment.


**Please note: "Bridge the Gap" is our annual PTO fundraiser, NOT money for the Senior Celebration initiative.** 





Bernadette Glasgow (615) 473-7889 bernadetteg@comcast.net
Yasmin Patel (615) 477-1449 tia_puppy@yahoo.com
Laura Armistead (615) 812-3330 lauraarmistead@gmail.com




  • Partnering with the Academics & Fine Arts Committee and BHS school counselors and administrators. By teaming up with these groups, Class Parent Leaders can promote the highest level of academic, artistic and personal achievement; provide information on curriculum planning and the college preparation process; promote personal development, and support student government.
  • Meeting at least two times during the school year with parents and BHS representatives.
  • Establishing our role in assisting these other organizations in providing opportunities for our students.




Historically, we’ve asked for a $20 donation freshman, sophomore and junior year, with the balance of $60 to be paid senior year (total $120), but this has proven to be confusing and often chaotic. Very few parents remember what they’ve paid!


Now our goal is to send out information during the 2nd semester of your student's Junior year to start the process of collecting for Senior year. Additionally, Class Parent Leaders decided to increase the requested donation amount to $150 to cover increased costs for senior treats and luncheons. (Please do not confuse this with the "Bridge the Gap" annual PTO fundraiser which is a totally separate campaign.)


The Class Parents Leadership Team and volunteers will provide every Class of 2024 student with senior treats (usually monthly) and a Class of 2024 T-shirt, assist with senior sunrise breakfast, homecoming and spring weeks, graduation yard signs, baccalaureate and graduation rehearsal luncheon, graduation flowers, costs of baccalaureate & graduation expenses not covered by the county, school (or "graduation fee"), AND so much more. The funds to cover these expenses comes from your donations. Gifts will depend on available funds and are coordinated by the 2024 Class Parents Leadership Team. 





BHS sponsors several wonderful events throughout the school year. These events are sponsored/led by the Student Government Association (SGA) or BHS faculty - not the PTO. Parents will be contacted by the BHS faculty sponsor or grade-level Assistant Principal specific to the event to share details, sign-ups, and other pertinent information as well as to potentially ask for donations or volunteer assistance.


Some of the great events that are sponsored/led by BHS include: 

  • Freshman Tailgate
  • Freshman Formal
  • Homecoming
  • Coming Home
  • Prom
  • Spring Spirit Week


If you have any general questions about Class Parents, send an email to the Class Parents Coordinator.